MRG was founded by Charles W Stout, III, JD and commenced operations in 1996. Several services/products have been launched in the Medical field by our company over the years to include a joint venture with ATOPIX Pharmaceutical in Plasmapheresis; a representation agreements with Adven Medical for reprocessing, J and M Enterprises for the Komfy Dribbler (a personal medical clothing piece); PK Enterprises for the KM-25 (a Hemorrhoid Ligation Device); E-Med Innovations for the E-Steth (a digital Stethoscope) and Medical Pay Solutions for the A-Claim System by PHT (an automated medical billing program). MRG has also been active in the investigation and proto-type development of Zerolet (a waterless sanitation device); Trouble Bubble (a storm safety device) and No-Burn (a fire safety device). MRG is a privately held Company still controlled by its founders.

PCR Testing- Invasive and Non-Invasive

PCR (which stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a biochemical technique performed in laboratories and is the "Gold Standard" for identifying organisms. There are many medical, legal and research uses for PCR, including virus and bacteria identification, forensic matching and diagnosing disease (such as genetic disorders).


Invasive Testing:

sample imageDigestive Reference Group LLC was founded by a group comprised of specialists in Business, Marketing, Laboratory Operations and Microbiology. DRG Laboratory’s Medical Director is a seasoned expert in Pathology and the Associate Medical Director has a specialty in Parasitology. Because of the tedious nature of culturing and the inaccuracy of chemical analysis, the group developed means of diagnosing Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites utilizing State-of-the-Art PCR technology. Not content to stop there, the team went further and developed their methodology to quantify as many of the organisms as practical to provide the physician with hard evidence of the level of infection. To aid the physicians in their efforts to effectively treat their patients, DRG went one step further and engineered “Patient Specific Antibiotic Resistance” to 5 entire classes of drugs. This is highly complex science and to our knowledge, DRG Laboratory is the only facility in the United States offering this level of information and support to the physicians. DRG continues their efforts in Research and Development. Additional assays for Cancer markers are being developed.

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NON-Invasive Testing:

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Our team of highly educated consultants will be happy to explain the benefits of our testing to you along addressing any insurance or billing concerns you may have. All of our testing is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and most insurances across US and Puerto Rico.

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